1. Borrowers Name:
5. Who makes up the entity and what are their percentages of ownership?
8. What is the properties square footage?:
6. Address of Property:
3. Is Borrower a US Citizen?
2. Borrowers Contact Info (Phone # and email):
4. Company name the borrower is closing in (must close in a corporate entity):
7. Exact property type (Ex: SFR, 2-unit, 7-unit):
9. How many acres of land is the property on?
10. Purchase Price:
11. Is the borrower already in a purchase and sales contract?
12. If yes, have they put any earnest money down on the purchase? If so how much?
13. Was this purchase and sales contract entered into all cash?
14. Current fair market value of the property:
15. When does the borrower need to close?
16. How much money does the borrower have to contribute towards the transaction (Most commercial purchases require 30% down. Borrower also needs to cover closing costs)?
17. What is the loan amount requested?
18. Is the property owner occupied or a pure investment property?
19. If this is a pure investment property are all rents being deposited into a bank account and can they be tracked?
20. What is the occupancy percentage of the property?
21. What is the monthly rental income on the property?
22. What are the monthly taxes on the property?
23. What is the monthly insurance on the property?
24. If the property type is a condo, is this a warrantable or non-warrantable condo?
25. Is there are HOA where this property is located? If so how much is it monthly?
26. Borrowers Fico Scores? (Please list all borrowers scores)
27. Please list borrows home address
28. Does the borrower rent or own? Please list monthly payment.
29. Does the borrower own any other investment properties? If so how many?
30. Does the borrower have any IRS issues, Tax liens, judgments, past bankruptcies, past chapter filings, past foreclosures, recent or pending lawsuits against them? If so please explain and list date:
31. Has the borrower ever had any mortgage lates? If so when?
32. What rates and terms is the borrower expecting?
33. Is the borrower already working with another broker or lender?
34. What is special about your deal?