1. Borrowers Name:
4. Church's Religious Denomination:
5. When was the church organized/founded?:
3. Name of Church:
2. Borrowers Contact Info (Phone # and email):
6. Address of Church:
7. Exact property type: Church
8. Current Fair Market Value of property:
9. Purchase Price (If Purchase):
10. Is the church already in a purchase and sales contract?
11. When does the church need to close?
12. If refinance (how much debt needs to be paid off on this property?):
13. If Refinance what type of loan are the borrowers currently in? What are the loan terms?
14. If Refinance, when was the property originally purchased and for how much?
15. Loan amount requested by borrower (church loans come at a max 75% LTV)?
16. How much money does the church have on hand?
17. Main Pasotors fico scores?
18. What is the Year To Date Gross Income for the church?
19. What was the Church's Gross Income as of Dec. 31st of the previous Year?
20. Does the Church have any Tax liens, judgments, recent lawsuits or pending lawsuits against them? If so please explain:
21. Is the Church seeking cash out at all? If so what do they want to use it for?